Thursday, March 22, 2012

A warning sign - your shoe wants a new sole.

In the photo below you can clearly the shoe on the right hassole blow out in the critical wear zone – under the big toe. The shoe on the left in the same area there is one good indication that the same sole blow out is about to happen. The circled area highlights a crease which indicates that the sole is waver thin. This crease occurs were the rand rubber (the side wall rubber) laps and ends under the shoe. 

In the next photo we have removed the sole to show where the lapped rubber edge meets the midsole. We made one pass with the sander on the shoe on the left to demonstrate just how soon the sole was about blow out on that shoe.

Refer back to the top photo. Ideally these shoes should have been resoled no later than when presented like the shoe on the left – just a crease and not blow out. In the time between when the crease occurred and the blow out, the climber significantly increased the wear and tear on the thin rand rubber. They also risked tearing out the sole to the extent that simple resole would not be enough to get these shoes back on rock.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


We provide an expanded range of new and innovative climbing gear. Tenaya climbing shoes are our latest addition.

At BJR Climbing Equipment we wanted to offer a high quality European made climbing shoe, with something special to offer. Tenaya climbing shoes are made in Spain and have the reputation of being the most comfortable climbing shoes in the world. Our core business is repairing climbing shoes and we appreciate the high quality of construction and attention to detail, which this brand brings to their shoes. We also believe that Australian climbers will appreciate this, too.

Tenaya was founded in 1997 by José Luis Garcia Gallego, a co-founder of Boreal in the early 80’s. José's contribution at Boreal, was mainly in the design and construction of the shoes. Over the last fourteen years, Tenaya has become a brand associated with high quality and performance, at a reasonable price.
For Tenaya, making the product in Spain is very important. All of Tenaya’s workers have a very long tradition of making handmade shoes. 

Tenaya has many extremely strong climbers endorsing the product:
  • Ramon Julian (World Cup Champion 2010, World Champion 2007-08, La Rambla 8c+ F.A., Realization 8c+ and the hardest onsight on USA soil The Crew 5.14c  October 2011

The company has a refined range of shoes. They are focused on unisex designs, in which women and men can have a equally great fit.

The flagship model in the range is the RA. The RA is designed to be a mass appeal shoe, capable of climbing routes of all types and grades. Ramon Julian has definitely proven the shoes worth, in this regard. The RA model is what we are stocking first. Click here to buy a pair.

An ever increasing number of climbers in France and Japan, have been choosing Tenaya shoes. Their availability, high quality and legendary fit make them an obvious addition to our range.
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